A Brief History of PPI Claims

Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has become the most complained about product in the history of UK banking and is set to cost the banks over £30 billion!

This long running saga, began in 1998 when Which? Magazine first identified PPI as being a poor value product, prompting the Citizens Advice Bureau to launch an investigation in PPI – what they found was shocking. Around 85% of people who had the policy, were not infact eligible for cover and many had been coerced into buying it by being told that they’d only be approved for credit if they took out PPI. Furthermore, the cost of the policy was staggering, adding upto 40% on top of the amount borrowed!

Now, almost 18yrs later, the banking regulator (Financial Conduct Authority) is considering imposing a PPI Claims deadline, which will likely be May 2018. The infographic below, charts how the scandal came to light and how its progressed over the past 20yrs.

PPI Claims Deadline Infographic


Published by: Oracle Legal Ltd


10 Ways to Fall Asleep on a Plane

Traveling can be exhausting, especially when you can’t catch any sleep on the flight. However, Work the World has come up with not just one, but 10 Ways to Fall Asleep on a Plane! Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, you can be assured that your flight will be a restful one.

Trying to fall asleep on a plane can be one of the most frustrating experiences during your travels. After some serious research we decided to put an infographic together detailing the top ten ways to fall asleep on a plane. If you struggle to fall asleep in the air, read on for reassurance that it can be done.

Great informative infographic that uses a classic content marketing strategy of a Top 10 list, even if it’s a little text heavy for a graphic. Icons and illustrations make each idea visual, which will help readers remember the information when they actually need it.

The footer properly included a Creative Common license, and detailed sources. The only thing missing is the URL to the infographic landing page so readers can find the original, full-size version on the Work The World site.

There’s so much text in this one, I would make the additional recommendation to repeat the text on the infographic landing page below the infographic image itself. By also putting all of the text on the page, the search engines will be able to parse and index all of this good text data.